Tuesday, October 11, 2016


When I think of fashion style for senior citizens, I often think of the seniors that I’ve known in my own life which of course would include my grandparents, inlaws and those of my friends. Sensible shoes, nice blouse, a complimentary skirt or slacks, usually some sort of crochet or knitted scarf, hat and/or sweater, and of course their eyewear was usually just simple, basic frames because they were a necessity, seldom because they added flair or fun to their already SENSIBLE fashion style.

Fashion eyewear, hip denim 
and fabulous accessories!
Lately, I’ve been doing some research on fashions of women over 55 and I’ve discovered that there is this whole cluster of seniors not dressing like the seniors I’ve come across too often!!! These women are hip and fashion forward!! IT’S ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING TO ME!!

These women are wearing fabulous hats, jeans, tennis shoes, boots, layers, boas, bright combinations, elegant dresses, lots of accessories and minimal accessories, hair styles are modern and sometimes wildly colored, and YES…OH YES, they are going all out in the eyewear department!!!

Some of them are not only still employed, but employed as FASHION MODELS!! Did I mention that I was fascinated by all of this??!! These women seem to be enjoying their golden years with all the gusto, color and style they can muster!!

I’ve saved a Pinterest page called High Fashion Seniors because I love what I see!! People often ask me, if my unique line of eyewear will look fine on women over the age of 55 since all my models are between ages 20’s to 40’s. While these seniors may not be wearing my glasses in these photos, I can comfortably say, “YES” my line of eyewear will look terrific on women of ALL AGES!!! See for yourself and thanks for reading!! https://www.pinterest.com/EtsyEyewear/high-fashion-seniors/

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